Behringer X Touch One Fader

I have setup my X Touch One by following the brief Behringer tutorial on YouTube, but I am experiencing what I consider strange behavior of the fader when the DAW is not in play or record:

1] If I move the ‘on screen’ fader the ‘X Touch fader’ will follow the movement and remain in the position when the fader is released (this is the behavior I would expect).

2] If I move the ‘X Touch One’ hardware fader the ‘on screen’ fader moves, and stays in the position of the physical fader when release. After a second the X Touch fader snaps to the previous position of the on screen fader (not what I expected).

Are others experiencing this?

(Cubase 10 Pro)


Is there any Volume automation data written in the track already? Is the Volume automation track in the Read state?

Do you touch the fader from top (so the touch-release MIDI message has been sent) or do you move the fader just from the side?

The X-Touch fade caps are all metal, you’d have to use a pencil to move it without triggering a touch message. For sure though, if read is enabled on a track, the fader on screen and on the X-Touch will snap back to where it’s supposed to be. That’s normal behavior.