Behringer x-touch one vs CC121

Anyone using a Behringer x-touch one with Cubase 12? Can the shuttle wheel behave like the CC121 ai wheel and control anything that is in focused? I just assumed it would work like that.

No. That is a unique feature of the CC121 that the AI knob can manipulate anything that is under the mouse cursor. That feature is not part of any standard protocols I’m afraid.
With some hacking (virtual loop-back MIDI in conjunction with 3rd party scripting such as Auto Hot Key) you might be able to have the shuttle behave as a mouse wheel that will allow you to change some parameters your mouse pointer is hovering over. I think that’s it, but I hope someone can prove me wrong!

I believe the new midi remote does have that function.

@steve That would be fantastic! Can you point to any documentation (API or otherwise) that would confirm this? I couldn’t find anything.

Maybe do a search for AI Knob?