Behringer X-Touch: some buttons don't work in Cubase 9.5

Just started using the X-Touch in Cubase 9.5 Windows 10. I notice there are several buttons that are not functioning like they are labeled. Is there any way to re-program each button while in Mackie Control mode, Cubase mode, and using the Mackie control in the device manager, so that they will do what they are supposed to do?

I tried looking through the manual but I am still confused on how to re-program the buttons that won’t work.

For Cycle button, I saw in a video that if you hold this button down and rotate jog wheel, it will set the cycle region L/R locators. This is the same with the Drop button as well. X-Touch does not do this. Is this still possible in Cubase 9.5? The only thing they do correct is toggle on/off the Cycle regions that I had to make with my mouse or keyboard. My goal is to use the X-Touch to do this and not fiddle with the mouse or keyboard as much as possible.

The Marker, Nudge, Replace, Click, Solo buttons also don’t do anything but to change the position of the play bar.

The basic functions are working: channel select, pan, Eq, channel faders, display, channel: rec/solo/mute, Read/write automation.

Finally, I am not sure how to use the Modify/Utility/Function sections in Cubase? What are you using these buttons for? I saw in another forum/post that these are not accurately labeled to work in Cubase, and that you need to use an overlay to show the correct function names to each button.

Those who are using the X-Touch with Cubase 9.5, did you have to reprogram some buttons to get it everything to work?

I also thought about using the “Generic Remote” in the device manager and importing the Cubase/X-Touuch XML file to use the MIDI mapping, but I don’t know where to find the XML file for this. Anyone know where I can get the XML file to import in Generic Remote?

Can I use Generic Remote and Mackie Control to control the X-Touch at the same time?

Please forgive me for my lack of knowledge in this area, but the lack of a thorough manual is a bit discouraging. I’m almost to the point of looking for another MIDI controller that integrates much better with Cubase.

Have you set both the X-Touch and and Cubase to Mackie Control? Not HUI.

Yes, that’s the first thing I did.

And the X-Touch?

Yes x-touch too. I pressed and held select button on channel 1 while powering unit, set mode to MC and IFC to USB as it is connected via USB.

How have you determined that these commands should work as they do in the video? What is the video of?

There is a Youtube video of Phil Gates doing this with the transport buttons, but he did it in Logic not cubase. He pressed, hold down Cycle and then turn the jog wheel to set the cycle region locator easily and quickly.

You can see him do it here: (3:08)

This is what I’d like to be able to do in Cubase with the X-Touch

This is what I’m trying to find out: if it is possible in Cubase as it functions in Logic. How do I program X-Touch so that the jog wheel can set the cycle region while holding down the Cycle button, in the Mackie Control in device manager?

Cubase just follows the standard implementation of the Mackie protocol. Look at this:

You can add your own commands in the Cubase Mackie Control window.

The video doesn’t specify how the device is talking to to Logic, but it’s likely that it’s using a Logic-specific extension. I couldn’t find a Behringer video that shows in detail how to use the transport controls for this, which is not surprising, since the way manufacturers let you know something is not in their product is via silence about it. :wink:

how ?. this pdf says nothing about that.

I think I was just talking about the User Commands in the Studio Setup> Mackie Control page. It’s been 2 years since I wrote that, and it had been two years then, since I had actually played with it… :confused: But it it feels right :sunglasses:

X touch comes printed with the logic commands in the unit , it would be nice if they provide magnetic overlays like many other companies do , But even trying using the overlays we find online the limitations are largely there, The button functions are very limited ,the only buttons programmable are function keys , Some rows of switches are pretty much useless with cubase