Behringer X1204usb mixer

Hi there,
ive recently purchased the behringer x1204USB mixer to start recording several instruments + voice.
The only problem i encouter is that my computer and cubase does not recognize the mixer as behringer but as 2-USB AUDIO CODEC. i only have stereo in L+R and Stereo out L+R. i cannot use multiple pistes does anyone know why or has used this before and can help??

thanks in advance


Did you install the Behringer ASIO driver?
If yes, did you select in in device setup in Cubase?

i didnt get any disk with the device, so i went on the website and it says install asio4all v2 hich i have.

Oh ok. In that case it’s probably normal that your device is recognized as USB AUDIO CODEC. ASIO4all isn’t a Behringer driver, it’s a generic driver that works with almost any audio interface. As such, that driver wouldn’t be able to tell your computer you’re connecting a Behringer :wink:

From the manual:

The Xenyx mixer line has built-in USB connectivity, allowing stereo signals to be sent to and from the mixer and a computer. The audio sent from the mixer to a computer is identical to the MAIN MIX. Audio being sent to the mixer from a computer can be routed to the main mix with the 2-TR/USB TO MAIN button.

Seems like the integrated audio interface is 2-in/2-out only, so Stereo in and out or 2x mono in and out are your only options.

ahh ok thanks. so basically i can line several instruments but only get a stereo mix out to record.

thanks for clearing that up

Yes, at least that’s how I’m reading it. It’s not mentioned on the spec sheet which is a bit weird.
Most small format USB mixers work like that.

If you want multi-track recording then you’d need something like the Behringer UFX1204 or UFX1604, reviewed in SOS December 2015.

Those, or the similar Mackie Onyx mixers (I have one). They’re all bigger and more expensive than what you currently have though.

well thanks guys. and the UFX series was a bit out of my budget