Behringer XENYX 1204USB

Hi everyone!
I have just bought a new mixer, it works ok, but my Cubase do not react when i try to record.
The sound settings on my Mac is set to USB Audio CODEC as both in and out, the same in Cubase, but there is still no sound coming in… Please help!


Does it have / are you using an ASIO Driver?

No, it says that it does not need any drivers on Mac.

Ahh then I will hope one of the mac users can help you further. I would recommend however that you add some more details regarding your setup instead of making those trying to help, milk it out. :bulb:

far to less info to help:

How is your input output routing (hardware)
Have you selected the correct input channel on the audio track?

Just as a general hint: try step to step bugfixing your routing.
start with checking if the signal comes out of the Mixer, if it goes into the mac, if cubase has the correct Device Settings, if the audio track is setup correctly, etc…