Behringer xr18 with cubase le 4 please help!!!

Hey guys!

So we are trying to record with a behringer xr18 in cubase le 4 on a macbook pro through usb. We can hear the guitar through the speakers plugged into the xr18 and cubase sees the xr18 but we are not getting any signal. We have prorools as well and it works fine but my buddy knows how to use cubase le a lot better than protools. Any ideas?


Checked Routing > USB-Outputs in the XR- app?

We have but not really sure how they should be routed

xr routing.JPG
Like this I guess, straight 1:1. Means input 1 is send to USB1, 2 to 2 and so on.

The signal present at the input is determined by what you define as input channel per channel:
xr inputs.JPG
At least I think so - don’t have the XR home to confirm for myself.