Benchmarking my DAW using a Cubase project

Years ago I remember there was a somewhat standardized project that was downloadable and used for benchmarking your DAW. Is that still a thing? I remember it being more of a tool so that you could confirm the capability of your DAW as opposed to a “Mine’s faster than yours” kind of thing.


I would describe it differently though. It’s indeed a benchmark to test a couple of aspects of a computer system. I would say though that if done properly the best use of it is where you have one system-builder with access to a lot of hardware run the test on different configurations, i.e. same platform but different CPUs for example.

It’s basically hard to compare results between users because the systems are so different (i.e. not all audio interface drivers are equally good).

The most recent test was done after the latest Intel CPUs were launched, so it’s a couple of months old or so.

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