Berlin Symphonic Strings Ex Map update

I recently updated my BSS expression maps to take account of the addition of Portato for ViI, Va and Vc in the most recent OT update. I hope they can be useful to other forum members who have this library.

Berlin Symphonic (8.7 KB)

Is there a trick to installing these? I can’t drop them on the hub. Where do I load them? Sorry, this is probably obvious to most.

No apology necessary. To be honest I’m still finding my own way. To answer your question, in Play mode click on Library/Expression Maps and you will see a tab at the bottom “import library”. Click on that, find the location where you’ve stored the unzipped expression map you want to import and select it. Do that for each individual expression map you want to load. Let me know if you have any other problems.

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Here are the expression maps together with the playback template I didn’t include in my initial response to you.

Berlin Symphonic (55.9 KB)

Oh wow, thank you so much! I dropped it on the hub, and it loaded up instantly. Hopefully, we’ll get to the point where someone has done all of the OT Mains.

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@dspreadbury this latest upload would be a good addition to the templates page since it also includes the full template.

I have created and am constantly refining the expression maps and templates for most of the OT libraries to which I have access. Some have been very basic given my stage along the Dorico learning curve, but they’re getting better and better as my skills increase. Nevertheless I recognise that in a sense they are an extension to functioning of the main Dorico product and so should be vetted by someone in the Dorico team before they get added to any official page. Forgive me for responding Daniel.