Best 61 key midi controller for Cubase?

Hi, I am looking for a 61 key midi keyboard and would like something that integrates well with Cubase or can be setup to work well with it. I have Komplete Ultimate 13 and was interested in the S61 keyboard from NI, for all the integration with their software, but I’ve read so many bad things about the keys failing, and they are very expensive! I also see that the newest Kontakt 7 has a browser in it with previews now, so I may be happy just to use that instead of Komplete Kontrol

Ideally I just want a good keyboard, aftertouch, midi DIN out and pitch and mod wheel. Then some knobs and faders would be nice

Any reccomendations? I can get a good discount on Novation stuff from a friend who works for the, but it seems their Launchkey series are more geared towards Ableton, and dont have aftertouch


Not having aftertouch is very annoying, but the Ableton thing you can ignore - LaunchKeys work fine with any DAW. I use one as part of my live rig and it does a great job. But I do miss aftertouch…

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I’ve got an aging Studiologic with a nice Fatar keybed which will soon need replacement, so with similar requirements (61 keys with aftertouch), I’ve narrowed it down to either the M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 or the Nektar Impact GXP 61.

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I’ve had one of these for a few years now. One great feature is that it colors the keys to match the VSTi when using Komplete Kontrol. So you can see the Keyswitchs or different drum colors etc. on the keyboard itself. Surprised to hear about keys failing since its keybed is also made by Fatar which are in a bunch of products from different manufactures.

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Yeah thats exactly the reason I want one! Just the price compared to other keyboards with as many or more/different features is so big!

Like Raino, I have this keyboard controller for over a year now with Komplete Ultimate 13. I am completely satisfied with its possibilities. The keyboard/software integration is very user-friendly and interesting.

The only thing I miss, and this is really a matter of taste, is the fact that there is no Fader, but rather buttons and a kind of slider near the Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels which can be assigned to any midi CC. My old controller (Impulse Novation) had this and I loved the feeling of using a fader for volume, expression or any other midi CC. it’s purely psychological… With the buttons, the feeling isn’t the same, the slider is sometimes annoying because it’s badly located in my opinion because one can easily put it into action without wanting to.

Nevertheless, I am very satisfied.