Best advanced mixing tutorial DVD

The following sentence is not to toot my own horn are imply I am good at this, but just to hopefully explain why I am not looking for tutorials on the “basics” of mixing. I have been a professional musicsian for 38 years, owned my own full time recording studio for 11 years, and have had numerous songs I recorded, mixed, and mastered get nationwide radio airplay. I have read many books on micing, mixing, and mastering and feel I have gotten pretty good at it, but realize there are levels of doing these things way above what I know, and I want to continue to improve to higher and higher levels of quality. I prefer learning from watching DVD tutorials, but if there is a book you would recommend that is much better than any video you know of please list also. I wish (like I am sure many do) that I could take the trax of a few of my songs to one of the best engineers out there and sit with him and have him explain how and why he is doing this or that to the mix to get certain styles and the sound he is looking for. I know there are tons of opinions and different ways to mix but if there is one video that you feel is the best at improving a persons mixing skills please post here. Thanks in advance.

More of a philosophical look at mixing. Good read.

I have to say the Ask videos were very good. the book goes along well with it. well worth the money

Hi, Folks!

Not sure any of these would be a big help,

But what you seek may lead to a real live person with which to “chat”!

Award winning producer, Bob Katz’s Digital Domain Website is full of interesting stuff! Check it out at:
You might even be able to chat or at least e-mail Bob for insights and such!

Also, check out Moulton Labs, at:
Dave has a number of very interesting topics running, along with some really good CD packages to help train ears in various aspects of audio. A formally trained musician, Dave’s done a great deal in de-mystifying the “techie” side of audio and mastering.

Some other sites where you can “chat” with folks deeply involved in audio and recording:

Dr. David Greisinger, founder of Lexicon:

Jerry Bruck, of Posthorn Audio:

The Rane Audio site has an extensive audio reference site, which contains further links:

Finally, if you really want to “rub elbows” with folks who are career audio engineers all over the world, check out the Audio Engineering Society (if you haven’t joined already, based on your extensive current career in music and audio).
The AES is a worldwide organization of professional audio folks. They hold annual conventions around the world, and are THE group at the “Bleeding Edge” of audio activities, research, development, recording, and production:
Their next convention is mid-May in London.

Other professional organizations related to audio and acoustics:

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE):

The Acoustical Society of America:

During my membership in the Audio Engineering Society, I’ve been introduced to engineers and producers who’ve not only been involved with some of the biggest names in the business (Folks like Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan, Dave Brubeck, Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Neil Diamond, etc.), but also have gained behind-the-scenes insights, technical and otherwise, into a number of areas that most folks never learn about… except from these folks! And their conventions consist of most of the professional audio manufacturers displaying and demonstrating their wares, along with the latest technical paper presentations, colloquiums, special events, and many in-studio tours, demo’s and discussions. Even if not a member, getting to one of their conventions may convince you to join; it’s well worth the annual membership fee!

This isn’t the be-all nor end-all of talented audio professionals out there. But it might help you connect with many folks who are active in acoustics, audio, production, and mastering.

Hope it helps a bit in answering your query.

Thanks so very much to all who have already responded to my post. All of the suggestions look great as I am checking them out. I will probably go with one of the Ask DVD’s to start as I am reading tips from articles on the other websites which were mentioned. Any other suggestions by others will also still be greatly appreciated and if you know of any particular post on this forum that would be relevant post them here for me to link to and read. Trying to search for mixing is not a detailed enough word to get a narrowed down functional amount of post. I have tried. Thank you to everyone on this site who thru my ten-eleven years on here who have been willing to take the time to use there greater experience and knowledge to freely help those who have less. I have learned more from this forum over the years (and hopefully helped others with less experience than I) than I have probably learned thru any other source available.

May God Bless Your Day,

I just bought a book, ‘Mixing With Your Mind’, by Mike Stavrou. (

It was a very easy read, and I found that it gave a lot of practical approaches to setting up your audio workspaces, miking instruments and vocals, and mixing.

What’s more, some of his approaches bypass having to rely on ‘rules of thumb’ or expensive equipment, but using your ears instead to get optimal settings and results. Really very empowering.

This is the dvd you want to check out for mixing. Its the best I’ve ever seen and certainly changed my approach

wizardofice and mr.m, The DVD you suggested seems it must be good considering you both suggested the same DVD, one sold by amazon the other by advice, but still th same DVD. Having two people both suggest and comment on how great a DVD tutorial is gives me confidence it will help me. This is what as I already said and now am more convinced is what I will start with along with the many online sites suggested I have already started researching. Thanks so much guys for your valuable input.

I’ve seen just volume 1 but that helped me a great deal in setting up mixes and planning.