Best advice to avoid these crazy nested tuplets when recording live?

I play in a very syncopated style which naturally results in many offbeats, dotted rhythms, and wacky tuplets. Here is something I recently played in, before quantization:

However after quantization, I played around with many of the possible quantization settings for both normal notes and tuplets, and although the notes themselves are more legible, the resulting nested tuplets only got weirder:

I can get the quanitization to sound close to what I have in mind, but it looks like a mess. If I try to remove these excess tuplets, it kind of dismantles the entire rhythm I created, so I don’t really know how to convert these to something more visually useable.

Also if anyone has any books or resources to study up on advanced tuplet notation I would love to read about it, as it’s something I can easily play intuitively on my instruments (hence why I try to record this live using my midi controller), but looking to improve my skill at notating by hand too.

Thank you!

This is not an answer to your question but have you considered unticking detect triplets in preferences<Play<Quantization?
For at least sections that don’t need triplets.

Yes, and I usually successfully do that for bits which I do not play tuplets of any sort - works well - my problem is I’m a triplet crazy kinda guy :wink:

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I think quadruply nested tuplets, while easy enough to make in Dorico, are too much to ask anyone to parse. I’d be very interested to hear one of your lines (against a click) to see how I might transcribe it.

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Indeed, my point exactly, these would be impossible to parse, so I’m looking for a way to distill what I’ve played into something which is actually legible. To be clear, the quadruply nested tuplets were a result of quantization efforts playing with various settings – while the notes simplified, the nests actually got more complex with the quantization.

I wish I saved that example above but I didn’t. I’ll play around with something later today - to be fair what I play is nothing terribly crazy, perhaps a bit jazz influenced and my background as a drummer, lots of dotted rhythms, triplets and quintuplets, played offbeat and with grace notes here and there, so I think when recording live Dorico doesn’t quite know what to do with it.