Best Ai Knob alternative in 2021?

I was looking for cc121 but it is extremely hard to find in my area…
And I happened to read posts about Midi Fighter Twister?

And I got even more curious about it… :smile:
Are there any good Ai Knob alternative that is working well on Cubase Pro 11…?
Or, limited still?
I am referring to knob touch then changing parameters instantly…


Midi Fighter Twister doesn’t work with the AI Knob functionality in Cubase. There is no way, how to emulate the AI Knob functionality with other hardware. So you would need any other mapping in Cubase. Either the hard-mapping Generic Remote Device, or dynamic mapping Quick Controls.

AI Knob has been used at CC121, at much older CMC AI (which is not produced anymore), CI2+ Audio Device and some Yamaha synths (MOX, I think…).

My CMC AI is starting to show its age with some buttons not always working on the first try. Fortunately the knob seems fine (knock on wood).

Essentially a knob that emulates a mouse wheel, with some build in smoothing. Looks cool, is a little pricey.


Interesting. And yes, little pricey. Can it workaround the real scrolling? AI Knob is active only, if you hove over a scrollable parameter. So it doesn’t really scroll. The down side of it is, you can’t control Info Line values with the AI Knob.

How does this work, please?

Sorry I don’t have any personal experience. I just remembered it from a sonicstate video, Yoad Nevo mentioned it as one of his best tools.

I see… I guess there is no ‘perfect’ Ai Knob in 2021…

oh… what a great idea!

Like how much? When I went to their order page it didn’t show a price. They just had a message saying they were all sold out, but sign-up for their newsletter & they’ll let you know when…

The SOS article linked in my other post, lists it for €236.81 including VAT

Hi, um, I have been researching about Nob Control for the past days. And simply I was blown away, but… the sad part is, it has been sold out… I cannot get it anywhere… haha What a great awsome idea!.. hope they come up with more available stocks…

What do you find most compelling about it? Pretty sure they’ll make some more.

I find it extremely minimal, not so space-y, and yet does what I need! I mix ITB so… automation is something that I wanted to achieve naturally so, atm, I do not own any motor-fader controller (mostly motor fader controllers are expensive and pretty big except 1-motor fader controllers), but this thing can do, ‘any’ parameter granular editing + AND automation recording in detail!

BUT that being said, I JUST got to check out this amazing DAW controller announced by SSL…
Oh man… I am ready for this…

Check this one out,

SSL implemented Nob Control function on this new DAW controller and it IS EXPENSIVE… :frowning:
But great to see companies implementing AI function!!

Good for Cubase users like us :slight_smile:

I just need to save up…

Newb here, regarding MIDI control of Cubase, which I’m “studying” about on youtube, etc. (two great Greg Ondo vids, and one great Dom Sigalas vid stand out):

  1. Can someone give a step-by-step please on how to turn any knob on a MIDI controller into an “AI knob in Cubase 12” (for example a knob on a Juno DS-88 MIDI controller keyboard)?

  2. I have a Microsoft Dial, which (if I understand the term “AI knob” correctly) I am currently using as an AI knob via Elephant Software, over Bluetooth. It is a little jumpy, which makes it a bit hard to use at times. Can I somehow use the Cubase 12 mapping functions to avoid the jumpiness aspect of the Dial (or is the jumpiness from Bluetooth itself, not the Elephant software)?
    [EDIT: Answered here Microsoft Surface dial and Hi!computer Elephant - #15 by jb1 previously bu @jb1 - the jumpiness was described as the result of a bluetooth energy saving protocol, so using the Dial as an AI knob willl always have that jumpiness problem.]

Thank you!

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  • Create Remote Device. Add one Encoder.
  • Assign the MIDI Message your MIDI Controller sends.
  • In the Mapping Assistant assign the AI Knob to the encoder.

I don’t know, how do you use it, but be aware AI Knob is not mouse scroll-wheel. Some functions are reachable via mouse scroll-wheel, but not via AI Knob.

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Thank you, Martin.

To clarify, none of the controls on the Roland Juno DS 88 are labeled/ called an “AI knob”, and my question is whether Cubase can be made to treat any old fader or knob as an “AI knob” …?

Thank you again :grinning:

I believe it has to be an endless encoder. So no potentiometers or faders (which makes sense if you think about it).


Thank you, @mlib !


I’m not sure actually. If you would select the Relative mode, it might work.

I might be missing something, but I can’t see how a fader can be in a relative mode.