Best approach for SATB choir condensing


I’m writing for SATB choir and for the piece I’m working on it makes sense just for a section in the middle (16 bars) to condense to put sops and altos on one staff and tenors and basses on another.

I’ve been playing around (with Dorico Pro 3.1) with using condensing mode, creating custom condensing groups for S,A and T,B and using condensing changes in Engraving Mode to condense just the section I want. This approach seems to work… but it doesn’t produce the divisi arrows at the end of the systems before the change.

Is there away to get the divisi arrows to display? Or should I be approaching this in some other way, using divisi maybe?


There’s no way to get the divisi arrows to appear when using condensing at the moment, though when we come to doing more work specifically for condensing choral music this is something I expect we will address.

If you find condensing gives the right results then it’s probably better to add the divide arrows manually, which you could do either using text (copy and paste the appropriate characters from here and set the Music text character style), or by defining custom playing techniques. In either case you’ll need to manually position them in Engrave mode for the time being.

Thanks, Daniel - much appreciated. Hopefully this addressed in the not too distant future; moving back and forth between open and condensed layout within the same page is very common in choral scores (as I’m sure you’re aware).