Best ASIO solution?

I’ve been using Cubase for years now, but I’ve always relied on things like its generic driver or ASIO4ALL. I’m still relatively ignorant when it comes to ASIO, so what’s the best option I have in regards getting some ASIO support via a sound card or other hardware if a sound card isn’t an option?

Well usually the best ASIO driver would be the one that the manufacturer supplies with their audio interface.

If one isn’t supplied that’s when folks revert to the generic drivers.

Yeah I mean I’m asking for opinions on what the best audio interface or sound card with ASIO support would be.

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Ahhh, got it.

There are a lot of good (and not so good) options out there and as long as the manufacturer has a solid rep you should be OK. I’ve been using a long discontinued RME interface for over a decade & it works great. So while I can’t really comment on other brands, RME gets a big thumbs up here. Other folks can comment on what they use.

That said the bigger decision is to decide what your requirements are. For example, do you only need a couple of I/O channels or might you need 8 or even 24 channels? Here’s an article that goes over the various options.

I’d suggest doing some research and come up with 3-5 units that seem like they’ll meet your needs and then ask folks here what their opinion of the different units are.