Best binaural renderer for Atmos mixing on Headphones


If you guys could give any kind of input, ill appreciate it.
Also, buy immersive now or wait for Nuendo 12? Seems that the consensual opinion is that the Dolby binaural renderer is the most reliable for Atmos on Headphones, I wouldnt like to take the plunge, buy a binaural renderer today, and then the Dolby binaural renderer ends up in Nuendo 12 as a new feature.
appreciate any kind of input, thanks.

Hi Miguel,

check out my post #8 here: Is it possible to do this with Ambisonics? - #8 by Juergi

LG, Juergi

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Hi Miguel,

My advice… just hold on for a few more weeks :wink:

All the best,


@Luis_Dongo :smiley: