Best budget wide-screen monitor for Cubase

I am considering options for a wide-screen monitor which will just be used for cubase and a bit of very simple video editing (not 4k). I started looking, but without going through every spec it’s impossible to find out which ones will be susceptible to screen burn as I guess having cubase on for hours could produce. . So I am guessing that I should avoid gaming monitors but please correct me if that’s a wrong assumption. I have a music keyboard in front of the screen so I guess a curved monitor will take up more desk space so that rules those out. I might ditch my desktop for a laptop so usb c connection will be useful but definitely want hdmi or display port socket. Last point…I don’t want to spend a fortune and prefer closer to £200 than £300 unless there is a very strong reason to spend more. Any recommendations ?

I got a Samsung SJ55W 3440 x 1440 ultrawide monitor. I think in terms of price it should be ballpark for you. There are a few things to consider though;

This panel is a VA panel which arguably isn’t as good in terms of color as an IPS panel. However, it’s definitely better than a TN - I still haven’t found a TN panel I didn’t hate. This monitor looks quite good to me, although not as good as IPS (which is more expensive). No burn-in yet. The panel is flat btw…

I like the width a lot. I usually have the inspector open and sometimes Control Room but the timeline is still plenty wide. I wouldn’t trade this monitor for anything narrower because every time I work in someone else’s studio it feels like a cramped space.

Another positive for me is the aspect ratio which comes out to 21:9, or 2.388… which is basically scope, so any theatrical ultrawide aspect ratio fills very close to the entire screen with no or little black bars. I would imagine that for video editing the workspace would of course benefit from the horizontal space but also full screen playback if you’re working in wide formats and anamorphic etc.

Sometimes I wish I had more real-estate vertically, especially when editing. It’s when I move events between tracks (I do audio-to-picture btw). I guess I’d be ok with a different aspect ratio as long as the absolute width didn’t change, or the amount of horizontal pixels. So something like a 16:9 would be 3440x1953 instead of x1440… or DCI 4k ratio of 17:9(?) which would be 3440x1822… anyway;

I suppose you should probably consider how wide you would want the monitor to be horizontally, measured in inches, and then how many pixels you would want across that width. Then you either pick a ratio which will determine height or you decide how tall you want it to be, also in inches, and pick the closest ratio. SAMSUNG 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) – 75Hz Refresh, WQHD Computer Monitor, 3440 x 1440p Resolution, 4ms Response, FreeSync, Split Screen, HDMI, Black : Electronics

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Thanks for the very well thought out description. I currently have two 24" monitors which are fine but after measuring their width last night it’s apparent (I guess should have been obvious) that a 34" will have less width. But I still like the idea of the single monitor. The next size is 49" which seems very expensive and probably too big for my desk

Not sure if you have already, but, of course consider keeping at least one of the two monitors you currently have. When I got my 3440x1440 I kept my 1920x1200 and set that up to the side. So now when I work I have the timeline and main mixer and most plugins that I open and close on that main ultrawide monitor in the center, and then to my left the smaller one has all master/sub metering plugins open, a video and the automation panel.

I also have workspaces set up so when it’s time to export mixdown I get all the windows I need to the left and then the main switches to the mixer window so I can go through and make sure the right plugins are on and off (metering, for faster renders).

So consider keeping one if you haven’t already.

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Yes that is something I am thinking that might be a good option.

same here, it’s nice when you get used to it - I went from 2 1080p monitors. The only downside is zoom screen sharing - was nice to previously share my second screen

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I forgot: The stand on that monitor isn’t great. It’s “fine” but not that adjustable. That’s the one ‘objective’ negative about it I think.

At this point in the game, if you get an LCD screen that gets ‘burn in’ that’s a straight up panel defect.

BTW - MVA/VA and TN panels both should have better color than an IPS, on axis. What you’re paying for with IPS is the 180 degree viewing angle that doesn’t wash out yellow when you move to the side… IPS has it drawbacks though, wait til you get a panel with lots of ‘IPS Glow’ in the corners. There’s nothing you can do about that, but hope you get one that’s got less than the rest.

Do you have any preferences on size?

I would suggest an ultra wide screen as the extra space can be really useful for Cubase windows and all the extras. My friend got one and is super nice having all this space

I noticed a used 49" screen on eBay for £400 which is tempting. I need to investigate the stands though because space is tight. I have a music keyboard in front of the screens and then wireless keyboard and mouse in front of that