Best computer to run Cubase?

Hi, gonna buy a new puter, got 2,500GBP…would really appreciate suggestions from anyone with better computer knowledge than me, been trying to read up on stuff but it just gets way too confusing :blush: :blush: :frowning: something that Cubase will be very good friends with!!
all SSD’s and 32GB ram is a given…
I’ve considered building one but choosing the parts requires a degree of computer knowledge for sure so scratched that idea…maybe :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin

I the same boat myself at the moment, I used these guys for my current machine which has been unbelievably stable for the 4 years i’ve had it now.

I’m looking at one of their i9 or xeon setups, their customer service is great and they’re happy to advise over the phone, so i’m going to give them a bell tomorrow.

thanks for the contact mate…appreciate it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: do you reckon i9 is the way to go?

I’d have a look at the infobase articles on here regarding that type of processor and then give them a bell, that’s what i’m going to do later on in the week.
They have quite a client list, i know another couple of people who’ve had builds from them that have been rock solid too, so their stuff tends to be solid.
Can’t speak for you obviously mate but that’s my next course of action… just dreading moving everything over though :cry: :cry:

I run a dual Xeon system. Rock stable and loads of power.

Yeah, I’ve already configured a puter with them and had a few emails regarding some bits and pieces, moving everything over…OMG…not looking forward to that either, gonna do it gradually while still running my old one… :slight_smile:

Spoke with a VERY helpful chap called Dave earlier today, went through my config and answered all my questions etc.

Think i’m going to go for the i9 Evo Pro with a few upgrades such as two big SSDs, 850watt psu and the strix 4Gig GPU.

Just got a few things to finish off first and then i’ll pull the switch on it :smiley:

New computer heaven is on the way :smiley:

that is the very puter I’m looking at also…hope they have two of em in stock LOL :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah these guys do big volumes so I doubt that will be an issue!

Just got a couple of things to finish off then… Woohoo :hugs:

Have you thought about an NVMe drive? supposed to be 6x faster than a normal SSD…

nope… never heard of them lol… just having a google now, ta for the tip-off :smiley:

Interesting video for those like myself who didn’t know…

Seems the board we’re getting supports it too and has an additional port for it in addition the the pcie slots, will have to discuss with inta i think…

Definitely having my OS on an NVMe drive…

Hi guys, any advice for me regarding NVMe and SSD? I just picked up a laptop with 5400 HDD and ordered 512NVMe and 1TB SSD to replace the 5400.
I use lots of VST instruments and mainly will use Omnisphere and N.I Komplete Ultimate libraries.
Should put OS and programs on the NVMe and libraries and projects on the SSD?

Yup same here after some more research, these things are insanely fast!!
Something to be aware of though with the board we are going for is that if the NVMe port is used then you will loose SATA port 2 page 1-16.
Probably not an issue but worth mentioning.

As you can tell i’m no expert here but doing the maths on transfer speeds you could probably run everything (if you have space) from the NVMe drive as they’re about 5 times faster.
I’m going to run OS and Apps from the NVMe and library from the other 530 read speed SSD which will still be lightning fast compared to my all HDD system…

Just a couple more projects to finish now :smiley:

Hi thanks for reply. I am going for the following setup.
Nvme partitioned for windows and second partition for sound libraries.
SSD partitioned into 4 parts as follows,
Current project.
Saved projects
Back up