Best Cubase 8.5 tutorials

This forum and Youtube has greatly increased my ability to find the features I need in Cubase. However, many changes have taken place since 8.5. Many of features and methods shown online do not apply to me. Are there archives anywhere that could help me get up to speed even quicker?

This isn’t an easy problem to solve.

The best approach I know of is to use a general purpose search engine (not the Youtube internal search) and limit the search to about one year after the original release date of the software version in question.

So maybe start with something like

And then maybe

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Thanks for the suggestion!

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You should take a look at Groove 3. They have full tutorials for different versions. The most cost effective way to use them is to get an All Access Pass for a month or two and binge watch titles

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Thanks. Through the search link that Nico5 posted, I found that site. I am already checking out the free videos available.