Best Cubase Stock Plugins?

Hey guys, I just made a video of my top 10 Cubase plugins and I would really like to know what are your favorite Cubase plugins and how you use them?

Nice videos! I use all those as well, they’re really good!

Are you Sebastian?
Excellent videos you’ve created! Very informative!

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To see what I mean just search the following on youtube:
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Channel Strip !!

(and for newbies: once you’ve selected a channel strip insert you can Right-Click your mouse on its colored name and select “Load Preset” from the popup menu to check out many excellent starting points!)

In Channel Strip I like:
Pre Gain
Noise Gate
All compressors - Standard, Vintage, Tube (for color as applicable)
Magneto II (Master Warmth preset)
Standard Limiter

on Group Channels
Low Cut (48 dB/oct at around 30 Hz)
High Cut (6 or 12 at 15Khz - 18Khz)

You can easily create a SINE Sub Kick with an audio track with Test Generator (insert)
with sine selected and around 40 to 70 hz setting (tune to correct corresponding fundamental note!)
followed by a Gate with Sidechain button activated.
Then use a send from your “attack Kick” track to the Gate sidechain for a great thumping sine!

I love REVelation reverb with Reverse Ambience presets with long tail times and no Early Reflections.
Combine with a sidechained Gate for more flavored effects.

Hey, yes I’m Sebastien :slight_smile: thx for the tip my friend … I’ll try that for my next video.

Hey trash/Sebastian! Loved your vids, I’m suscribed. I’ve liked your helpful hints on the Cubase forums - thanks for everything!

Good vids.

I use most mentioned regularly.

My fave not on your list? ModMachine - a much overlooked gem of a creative delay.

I use the EnvelopeShaper a lot on kick and snare, very handy and easy to use.

Loopmash! Nah just kidding.

About the only one I use regularly is Quadrafuzz. I kinda love it. I don’t use anything else.

Quadrafuzz 2, best plugin ever :slight_smile:

Yep! Hugely impressed with this one :smiley:

I seem to remember there was was a bug with QF2 … fixed, or just faulty memory (mine)?

I’ve used it on 3 or 4 projects in completely different ways and not had any issues with it so far… could just be i’ve not hit the right ‘button combo’ to initiate the bug though…

Despite having a selection of distortion plugins, trash 2, saturn, radiator, decimator, qf2 still has its place and gets plenty of use - it’s a cracker!

Steinberg implements their plugins and fx so smartly that it`s a real joy working with them.
I use the instant inbuilt channel EQ 70% of the time,a huge time and resource saver.
Compressors,reverbs + other Cubase tools are used all the time as well.
Nice video!

Multiband envelope shaper, Revelation, Softclipper and Stereo enhancers mono button.

It’s really nice to know what other people are using … Quadrafuzz 2 seems to be appreciated by everybody!
I almost included the Flanger, Gate and Compressor because I use them quite a lot. I use the compressor when I need clean side chain compression, otherwise I use UAD 1176, LA2A, Fatso or Waves H-Comp for fast compression.
The Gate is simple and effective and the Flanger sounds great! :slight_smile:

Feel the love for Quadrafuzz 2. It’s like some dastardly eq!

The StereoEnhancer is ok, but I almost always prefer bx_solo from Brainworx. It sounds more natural to me, and it’s free :slight_smile:


I have other more expensive plugs that also do this function
but the built-in ones on the strip in most cases work just fine.

Using the Cubase stock plugs to me is much like using an SM58.

Yes there are much better tools out there
but in many scenarios the Steiny stuff work and sound just fine.

But I still like fooling around and creating my own sounds with Padshop.