best equalizer vst (as reference view point)

Hi guys,

I’m back with an other question :slight_smile:
I know (I have them) there are vst effects like metering vst, in peak or vertical.

is there anybody that has a free vst plugin like a panorama function?
or a vst metering plugin were you see the horizontal peaks ( a bit like a wave that you import… to see the complete db range of what you are making).

thx again for any tip or advice


The “Frequency” on Cubase 9 seems pretty good to start off with – If you want more have a look at;

  • Fabfilter Pro Q 2
  • DMG audio equilibrium
  • Steve Slate FG-S
  • Acon Digital Equalize
  • Sonnox EQ

Check Youlean’s Loudness Meter. It is simply excellent and free. Winner of the KVR challenge last year.

Wow. That looks like a nice VST. If I didn’t already have Blue Cat’s Peak Meter Pro I’d get this one.

Also, this should be obvious but it’s worth stating: if you use a limiter with a metering function simply for the metering, don’t forget that the limiter will affect the signal unless you can truly bypass that part of the VST logic.

thx all for the info, help and plugin suggestions, i have the Youlean’s meter now installed, and if I compare to the loudness meter of Steinberg, there is a small difference, but I think overall, the avarage value will do.

we did a first test and just mixed the complete song with the output at max -6DB.
then after small tweaking as master, we get the perfect result we wanted, so mission accomplished :slight_smile:

thx all for your professional answers.