Best Export for iTunes?

What is the best way to export your mix so you can give it to your friends via gmail or ftp?

Obviously I know how to do it, but I wonder what people are finding is a reasonable bit rate & sample rate.

My objective is to send these songs and have them load directly with all of the fields (band, song, year, etc) into iTunes.

My preferance would be to send wav files and force them to listen on really good speakers, but the reality is they will end up (hopefully) in iTunes and listened to with ear buds or on computer speakers.

I’d love to hear what others are finding as the best tradeoff - bit rate etc vs. file size.

Aloha j,

Obviously exporting to .wav or .aiff gives you the best quality but may
be too large to send via e-mail. (FTP is ok for any size)

What I do is to:
Export to both .aif and mp3 (at the highest quality rate).
E-mail the mp3.
Most files pass thru the system with no prob.

Occasionally I’ll get a bounce-back so when that happens I
just lower the rate till it fits.

Also by using mp3s you can do all that kool ‘tagging’ you mentioned
and IMHO most people can’t tell the diff between mp3s
and non-compressed music files anyway.
(I even have a tough time telling with some songs).

my 2cents