Best External Keyboard for Cubase 10.5

I’m looking to upgrade from an earlier version of Cubase to 10.5, and I’m looking for ideas on an external keyboard/MIDI controller.

Right now I’ve got an Alesis 8.1 (ancient, I know!) and I’m using it as a MIDI controller. It’s a full-sized, weighted keys keyboard, which I really prefer to the smaller 47 or less key controllers out there now.

Any thoughts? Where can I get my grubby little hands on a weighted keyboard that will talk seamlessly to 10.5?


Hi and welcome,

Myself, I would recommend to decouple MIDI Keyboard (where the keyboard is the only one important factor for me) and DAW controller (where the communication with the DAW is the only one important factor for me). So I would recommend to go for a dedicated Cubase controller, for example Steinberg CC121?