Best file location to run projects?

I have an SSD, but I keep, open, and run my Cubase projects from an external hard drive. One project’s gotten quite big and is becoming laggy. Would the project operate faster if I were to copy it to the SSD and run it from there, or would there not be a difference?

Try ?

But carefully, your computer might explode…

I think the internal drive buss would be faster than an external unit generally. if you had a second SSD in the Mac, and ran your cubase projects from that you should see a performance increase from the existing external unit. I would use the external drive for backup only and run internal drive for recording projects. thats how I rum my Mac Pro and it can handle massive track count. hope that helps. spaceman

Man, I had that happen & it covered my guitar with hex code. Real mess to clean off. Still doesn’t play right.

+1 internal drive.