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There are a number of review articles online about this subject. In any case, I recommend sonarworks. They have calibrated dozens of headphone sets in common use, and this data is used at the end of your signal paths to correct for distortions. There’s a different correction curve for each output. I have 2 completely different headphone sets, and mixes sound exactly the same to me when I switch sets. You can also do corrections for monitor speakers, but it’s more involved. (You need a microphone and half an hour to scoot around with it to the sound of chirps and sweeps.)

To keep the sonarworks option open, choose from this list. I seem to remember that there are other companies like sonarworks, but sonarworks seemed the best to me at the time.

NO! I can not tell you what headphone to buy! For one, headphone prices range from 5 to $50.000. So first you have to decide on budget. Then you need to decide what works for you? I can only give you a hint on brands that are most popular in this demand and what I like? And some like closed models, some like open? AKG, Beyerdynamics & Sennheiser. I still really like my Sennheiser HD-600 but some argue the lack of low frequencies? So some like the HD-650 more, but to my ears they have some more low but less resolution and stereo stage? Others like the AKG-702 more. Or the Beyerdynamics 770 or 990 are also popular models? So you see? I just can’t tell you what you should buy? Try to find a shop you can try these or others?

I recently bought 2 pairs:

  • open headphones -> Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro (124 eur)
  • closed headphones -> Sennheiser HD 280 Pro (99 eur).

For mixing and critical listening I just love the Beyerdynamic. I can wear them for a very long time with great comfort and the open design makes the music “breath” (don’t know how to describe it in another way) :wink:

I use the Sennheiser for recording. They are great, but after a while I need to take them off for a while.

Hope it helps.


There are really nice headphones in the market currently. First, you’ll have to decide on the budget. Then shortlist the kind of features you want. Once you’ve done that you’ll have to find out the brands that offer those features and their price.
What you’re talking about is not an easy pick. And there is no objective answer to your question.
This is the most comprehensive answer I can give to you.


Amazon currently have the ath m50x on offer. If you pick the blue or grey and buy via topping up a gift card it’s £80. Ath m50x is my closed back choice. DT990 open back choice. I’m going to buy the AKG 702’s soon, just waiting on a DV247 Voucher.

Odd how popular the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is. That’s my open headphone choice too. Sony MDR-7506 for closed.

I use the Behringer HPX2000 and I’m more than pleased, caught them at a good price too.