Best for 250 Ohm

Plz, help. Which interface should I use with my beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 250 ohm?
Will the Steinberg UR22C work? To be able to make it very loud without loss of quality.


I don’t know if all UR interfaces are similar regarding headphones output but I can share my experience: I own the UR-RT4 and have the same 250 Ohm BD than you. I use them normally with a headphone amp that was designed for 300 Ohm headphones. But I have tested the dt770 with the output of the UR-RT4 and they can get loud. If you ask me, I would never use them at the maximum level that the UR can, because I feel it is loud enough to be unpleasant but of course the maximum level is a lot lower than the case using 30 or 80 Ohm headphones. With the UR I use normally 38 Ohm Audio Technica and to reach the same volume I must just set a fraction of the output level.

Regarding interfaces, I don’t know which one is really designed for 250 Ohm or similar. I doubt that there is one in the consumer grade ones.


Today I bought a steinberg ur22c and my beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 250 ohm pumps on 110% in my feelings (Subjective)! If you set all the volume to maximum. I am very happy) I definitely won’t be buying an extra preamp.

Question: what is the extra power from the mains? Does it increase the output volume of the headphones?


No, the main output of my card goes to the studio monitors. These outputs are line level and they are not powered. I send the outputs 3 and 4 (line level too, internally routed with Mix2 output in the UR-RT4 ) to a headphone amp, to send different cue mixes. This way one or more people (at recording, rehearsing or practicing) can hear an alternative mix if their headphones are connected to the headphone amp. In Control Room I link Mix2 with a headphone type output (not headphone output of the interface, that is another thing), that I rename to “Mixes” and set up different cue mixes (routed to nothing). After that I can activate the different cue mixes in the Mixes output.

Of course I could use the second headphone output that the UR-Rt4 has to send an alternative mix, but I work the way described above because I have the freedom to move the headphone amp several meters from the interface and I can have several headphones too.

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Sorry, I didn’t phrase it right)

The audio card (ur22c) has an auxiliary power supply option (get power not only thru USB). What does it do?

Until I understand you must use this option when you are connected to a device that is not able to deliver the needed amount of current via USB. The UR22C needs a source that at least gives a current of 0,9 A. The manual says that for example an iPad will not be able to provide that.

Hello. I’m just about to buy Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro 250 Ohm for my sound card Steinberg ur22c. Did you buy 250 Ohm headphones? You say that there is a margin for volume. What styles do you work in? Do you mix, record or just listen? I will be glad to your feedback. Thanks.