Best free video tutorials of new features?

While I wait for Cubase 6 to arrive, I’d like to spend some time learning about the new features. Sure I could download the manual. (Snore.) Better yet, what are some of the best youtube videos you’ve seen on the new features?

I can’t say they are the best as I created them but they are getting some positive feedback.

The first is from my personal youtube channel

These next five are updates from the Point Blank Online Cubase Course I have developed >


Yeah, loving 'em…! They are all good and useful - many thanks Danny; great delivery/level of content and insight/instruction… :sunglasses:


Thanks for the videos, Danny!

Yes, thanks for these!

Are there any videos on youtube in this series or others that go really deep into these new features…

  • Comping and lanes (I even heard you can do comping for a group of tracks at once)
  • Audio quantize
  • All of the new tempo detection/management functions
  • The new audio stretching features
  • Any new workflow improvements
  • Drum replacement via MIDI extraction.