Best Graphics card for cubase?

Still got spiking problems. It’s never ending. And if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Seriously. Which DAWs have so many problems with any graphics card, windows update, Intel software, many 3rd party plugins, etc etc.???

NVIDIA is fine, but I would stay away from GTX or RTX cards. The bloat on that stuff and their driver packages is real and of no little use for Cubase. For a cost-effective and very stable option, the Quadro series, like a P400, does a great job.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 is the best card that I bought.

I have an older Quadro in use now Cubase11 in an i5 Workstation - no issues apparent (as yet…). Handles multiple screens OK.

Seems to me the common reply that a certain graphics card is the problem is a bit of a red herring. Most GUI issues probably lie elsewhere.

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Can anyone recommend a trouble free graphics card that is also on the approved Adobe Premiere Pro list? I also like the idea of “Silent Mode” but not necessary.

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Mine’s on that list and I’ve had various issues with Cubase. But like I said, I don’t think it’s a specific graphics card problem. Any graphics card that can run something as video intensive as Adobe Premiere or DaVinci should be eminently capable of running a DAW.

Obviously the different issue specific to audio recording is latency which is more a PC design issue. Another thing is quantity of bugs and stability, which is where I have issue with constant claims of it being down to a graphics card.

I understand the world of constant driver updates is a minefield as well, but to me the litmus test would be: how many DAWs and systems have an issue with that system / card / driver in general?

I’ve been using the integrated Intel graphics of Intel HD graphics 530. It’s working fine for me.