Best Hammond B3 vst?

What’s the best Hammond B3 vst? Recommendations for free and not free vst’s are welcome, as I would like to know my options before I make any decisions. Thanks in advance.

I’ve been using VB3, very flexible and quite affordable. Killer rock organ presets too.

I like Nubi VSTi (by pj Geerlings) and Spinner (Leslie VST), but not sure if it is still available.

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Is the VB3 better than the B3 in Vintage Organs from Native Instruments?

I’m interested in this thread too. The Hammond B3 used to be my main axe back in the day.

I’m currently using a KORG CX3 for LIVE performance and while I’ve also experimented with it in my D.A.W there are both positive and negative aspects (mostly related to workflow).

I sold the code (for NuBiPlus/XOvr/Spinner et al) to Wersi/WildNoise over a year ago -but- if you look hard enough you can probably still find a link to the old stuff.

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It’s certainly more flexible. The NI stuff is essentially samples and processing… Albeit very good samples and processing, whereas the VB3 is a proper emulation of the tonewheels, drawbars, scanner vibrato, key click, tonewheel crosstalk, percussion, amp distortion and rotary speaker, and you can tweak all of it.

Software wise I still cling to my beloved NI B4II, which is also a proper emulation - it’s all over my album, and I love it. I am still cross with NI for ditching it in favour of a bunch of samples.

From a hardware perspective, I have to say the Nord Stage has one of the most authentic clonewheel cababilities, and I really do like that. The Roland VR700 is a great emulation too. and they both have that authentic hammond feel keyboard I’d be happy with either of those boards. (Mrs One however, would not, since I kinda sold her on me getting a fantom G as a ‘does-it-all’ live board.

I just love the sound of a hammond being well and truly thrashed through a nicely overdriven leslie. magical!

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I’ve played the old B4 plugin in some studios (it was excellent but over priced for me!), but have not seen or played the new library, but from what others are saying here, and from other feedback I’ve read, I’d say that they are not as flexible.

The Nubi / Spinner combination is also great (sorry p.j., I forgot to mention yours in my first post), but you’ll be hard pressed to find it out there now…

Guido, the author of VB3 told me that he will be working on a 64bit version of VB3 in the near future. You can check out the audio demos on his site if you want to hear what it can do.

I’m happy here with Motu Electric Keys . ( 64 bit and installed on it’s own SSD )
– But I haven’t tried any others to compare it to . :slight_smile:

Somebody stole mine back in the late 80’s… never replaced it sadly… weighed a lot less than a Hammond! Nice sound!