best interface (DAW) for under $300????

hi, im zimmyjim…ive been using cubase since SX and have recently decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my studio with new gear.
im looking for a reliable interface with 6 to 8 inputs with phantom power.
there are so many to choose from my head is spinning and i dont need another paperweight
as i already have a tascam us428, a Lexicon Omega, and a brand new (ugh) tascam us 800 holding down my notes! none of them seem to work well (or at all) with windows 7.
i just need a good fully reliable interface to record drums with a minimal of 6 inputs…
so far cubase works flawlessly till i try to use an interface…hats off to ASIO4ALL.v2…
can u guys help me out and give me some suggestions on what to buy?
id greatly appreciate it…thx…zimmy

This is a little outside my area of expertise (you know, if I actually had one), but if I were buying a new interface, the Presonus Firestudio Project would be a strong contender.

New at sweetwater: $399
New on eBay: Under $350
Used on eBay: Under $300

ya…its on my list…so far im looking at:
PreSonus Firestudio Project
PreSonus FP10 FireWire
Presonus Firepod
Tascam US-1641
Tascam US-1800
or maybe a m audio fast track pro/ultra as a temporary fix

im tryin to avoid tasacam as im disappointed that my us800
is worthless even tho its listed as a newer interface on their site…z

The Firepod could be a good deal, though they’re discontinued. You might be able to get a used one under $200 fairly easily, and I’m pretty sure they have Windows 7 drivers. Only problem might be if PreSonus stops supporting them…i.e. Windows 8+ drivers, or OSX + 1 or whatever.

How about if you buy a RME Multiface, which is a PCI card - no Firewire or USB drivers required! I got a Steinberg Nuendo AudioLink Multset for $250 used. The Steinberg Nuendo Audiolink was manufactured by RME and is EXACTLY the same as the RME Multiface - it still used the same drivers, which are available on the RME site. Of course check for compatibility with your specific OS/mobo etc. The RME users’ forum is very, very helpful. (There is am RME Multiface II which is a later model and, of course, more expensive.)

There is nothing more reliable than a PCI card, as far as I am concerned!

Now it does not have phantom power, it is true, but the money left over will go a long way towards buying a standalone phantom power solution that will be as good if not better than anything that you would get on a <$300 interface.

(I originally sent this post to you as a private message because I do not feel like registering either my Cubase or Nuendo licenses, as I have a nasty feeling that doing so will simply make them more difficult to sell, which I might well want to do… I thought that not registering the software means that I can not join the Cubase or Nuendo forums; but although I do not seem to have the right to post in the Nuendo forum, it appears that it might be possible for me to post in this forum.)

sounds like a good idea thistle, but i need my phantom
power and getting behind the computer to hook up
my mics seems pretty unappealing.
also , i think all i have are PCIe slots open…
if anybody has any opinions on the daws ive listed
or some similar ones itd b much appreciated …z

Every single one of these should be just fine. None of them is high-end professional tools but they all are just fine mid-end semi-pro tools.

Excuse me? Cubase (a DAW) works flawlessly till you try to use DAW? Now I’m confused!!!

sorry, i meant interface not daw…

i wish one of my current ones worked, but…
us428 is not win7 supported, but “might” run if u install it right…it didnt for me
us800 has lousy drivers and needs reset alot…it worked for a few days and now not at all
the omega loads up everything and looks good, but doesnt work!
feel free to check out my new post on the omega.
and now everybody should understand why i need a new interface :slight_smile:

Actually, as you already know, a DAW is more than just an interface, a computer, or a host. It’s all three!

Bonus question: Add talent, and then what’s it called?

Oh I know! Justin Bieber!

Yep! Should put myself on read-only mode whenever not being able to think clearly (like the moment when I want to kill my business partner who stole approx €100 000 from me).

ok, guys, i meant interface…i edited the post to get things straightened out…
my computer lingo is a lil rusty as i live in arkansas and most people around
here cant discuss (or understand) computer talk…as long as their facebook
and netflix is workin theyre happy …z

Firestudio Project is rocksolid for me on Windows 7, snow Leopard and Lion.