Best iPad App to control Cubase and Windows 8.1?


I’m currently using an iPad with iCPro to control Cubase and now I am looking for the best App that allows me to control Windows 8.1. I have downloaded Google Chrome Remote and it does work but just wondering if there is something better.

I have bought an iKlip Xpand to mount my iPad onto a Mic stand and so I can see it when behind a V kit. I need to be able to see Windows on the iPad so I can open, for example, Kontakt and any drum libraries without having to keep getting up and going to the Trackball and Keyboard.

Thanks for any help


Better than a ipad apps the “D-Touch Cubase” can do more, you “only” need to have a 27’LCD Multitouch and you have multi touch support on your Cubase (Cubase 7.5 or 8 with Win7 or Win8), coming on 6 may for a introducing price of 140$.
if you don’t want want this solution Lemur Apps is the best with the new “Metafader” from Artsunmuted :
25$ + 49$ (for Lemur+Metafader)