Best Mac OS to run Cubase 9.5

I’ve been running Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks for a long time and Cubase has run great on it but for various reasons I need to update. I have a late 2012 Mac Pro 12 core. What is the consensus on the best recent Mac OS versions to run Cubase?

Thank you.

I have a 2011iMac and have found Sierra best for my set up after trying High Sierra. My computer won’t go to Mojave.

I use the mac pro mid 2012 6 core, and high sierra. Cubase pro and the mac OS has always been trouble free on my system, I cant really see any performance or stability difference between the OSs. I do mostly audio recording and mixing. I would skip cubase 9.5.4, just in case for a while, also I would not update the mac OS to 10.13.6 as it introduce the super annoying 20 sec wake from sleep feature.