Best Mac silicon CPU fo Nuendo

After 10 happy years together me and the studio MacPro 5.1 (2012) are considering an amicable separation.

I’m looking for a new relationship.

But which Apple silicon CPU to choose? Real world experience appreciated…

I have RME hardware and use a lot of Waves and UAD plugs, + moderate VSTi use.



Mac Studio M1Max Base Model with 10core 32GB and 1TB ssd.
No issues whatsoever on my recent atmos project (in rosetta due to phoenixverb and native also fast!) or other issues (except Anymix). Track counts are around 100 (guessing) channels much more due to atmos.

It is super fast compared to all intel machines i’ve worked on. Except for the intel mac pro 12.000 euro beast i worked on at a big studio… that was a bit faster but that is maybe not what you are looking for.
I’m working on a trashcan mac pro currently in another studio and it feels sluggish to slow.

i have a mac studio with no issues. i do not use any plugins that need rosetta. i have a scarlett 18/20, axe-fx, and other amps, all USB connected, three 32" monitors. mix music, watch F1 TV, can’t complain.


I use Mac book Pro m1 Max, 32 Ram, 1Tb SSD, only in Native mode, best Nuendo ever for me.

Here with a Mac Studio M1 Ultra with a RME audio interface (AIOPro connected to a PCIe external chasis). Nuendo in native silicon and no plugin in rosetta. I can use PCIe cards imported from my old and lovely MacPro 2009 perfectly with external Thb3 chasis. Nuendo performance … fantastic!

Out of interest which chassis are you using?

For a slightly different perspective: I bought the M1-based MacBook Air when it appeared on the market as “mobile toolbox”, to replace an older, Intel-based notebook. I have to admit that it gets mostly used as glorified newspaper reading device and type-writer (for postings like this), as quite a few of the more specialized tools have no Apple Silicon version yet. Some of their developers even explicitly declared that they have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

That said, this little machine runs smaller Nuendo projects with stock plug-ins quite nicely in native mode. :slight_smile:

Care to elaborate on those developers? I know of izotope dumping plugins (except for stratus). But have not heard of others.

I’ve been hit badly by Accusonus stopping the development of DrumAtom, for example, a machine-locked tool which was one of the main reasons for me to carry around my own notebook when working in remote studios. (But it seems as that company doesn’t exist any longer at all. 8-/…) I was under the impression that Prosoniq’s/Zynaptiq’s TimeFactory was on that list, too.

Didn’t accusonus stop completely due to a takeover by Meta or something?


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