Best method of ducking reverb

Basically I’m wanting to do what this guy is asking for

i.e. A Vocal Track where reverb/delay comes in only when the person isn’t singing above a certain db, ala only on the vocal tails.

There are a few tutorials on youtube and other pages, but some seem to vary on what method they use, leading to my confusion
Is there a commonly accepted ‘most correct way’ of doing this? There must be a FAQ for this I assume.
Yes I have experimented and trailed some of the methods.

If so can you please link me to a post/tutorial that explains this method point by point.
thanks Zed

----- Edit: I suppose my main beef with it is It doesnt work fully eg heres one method I usually use

vocal track
-send slot #1: vocal reverb FX channel
-send slot #2: vocal reverb FX channel : compressor

vocal reverb FX channel
-inserts slot #1: Reverence
-inserts slot #2: compressor (sidechain activated)

Now this works somewhat, but not fully, It doesnt matter what I set the compressors threshhold to I will always hear some reverb through the track, sure its ducks with the vocals and gets louder when the vocals fade out, But I want a totally Dry sound when the vocals sound and the reverb sound only at the non vocal tails, But whatever I try I just can’t get it

EDIT: Using a compressor doesn’t make sense here.

Using a gate or a De-esser (affecting entire spectrum) instead of a compressor in side chain mode will give you a constant reduction.

Every time a vocal occurs, inverted reverb is introduced which cancels out the reverb.

OK thanks mate I haven’t seen anyone do it like that, though that seems even more convoluted,
Surely theres a standard method of achieving this common functionality?
Or do ppl just inefficiently continually reinvent the wheel with this sort of thing

I don’t see anything convoluted about this method - 3 channels and 2 plugins. Use gate for best results.
Thing is - a compressor won’t give you a constant gain reduction, and a gates open, when a signal passes a set threshold - i.e. when vocal is heard - and you want the opposite. You want the gate to close when the vocal is heard. It can’t be done with a regular gate, so you need to trigger an inverted reverb to cancel out the reverb and it will happen when the vocal opens the gate on an inverted reverb channel.

However there is another tool in Cubase, that will come in handy - the MIDIgate plugin.

this is what your after

Nice method. Never thought to use an inverted track to duck the reverb. There’s also plugins out there such as Vengeance VPS Multiband Sidechain3. You can sync the ducking to the host tempo or use audio or MIDI information to act as the trigger.

I hesitated to buy it because it is a bit pricey, but it does a really good job and is fairly easy to use.