Best midi controller for cubase/nuendo

Hello i am to buy a new midi controller to use with cubase/nuendo and vst. I am looking among maudio oxygen pro, the novation keyboards…of course othen than the good integratio withe cubase i want it with a good keybed. It could be 49 or 61 since i am trying to get it as short (the horizontal measurement) as possible. Any suggestions for master that are known working good with steinberg?
thank you?

Great results with Nektar LX+ units here. Good price and good support.

But if course there are many others.

i had for a while the lx+61…did not like so muche the keyboard, i change it for lx88+…better but now it is too big and i need to 60 61 or 49. Nektar a part for the keybed is nice though

Ni Kontrol is one of my best midi keyboard.

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the s series or a? the s is too expensive for me

I am own the S series, yes… but look for Nektar as mentioned before then

Suggestions here:

i see…as i said nektar is nice for everything but for keybed which i find horrible. unfortunately keybed is a very important parameter to consider…don’t you think that?

If you read the thread, you will see I suggest some Akai models with a ‘decent’ keybed.
Fully agreed keybed is important. My main keyboard is a Roland with PHA50 (88 keys…), but I have not found anything remotely as good in a 49-key format.
The MPK249 was the best (or least bad…) keybed I found for a portable 49-key size. The pitch+mod wheels being on top also helps keeping the total width reasonable.
Please share your findings when available.

yes i read it, i know that Akay, it is on my list, i also had for a while the 25key version, Only thing with the 49/61 is that i don’t know how is the keybed. Coudnot try it yet and people says lots of different thing about.Also this one is some more expensive than the others and i should find a good bargain on 2nd hand market

I really like my Nektar P6, incl. the keybed :slight_smile: I know it has deep integration with Cubase as well, but I just never saw a need to use it since I also have a CC121.

sorry i don t know what is cc121?

ahh yes i saw it is a controller…that is another good option, a simple keyboard with a full working controller…which oone is a cheap one?

Yeah, the CC121 is a controller. Unfortunately, they don’t make it anymore, so it’s a bit expensive on the second-hand market.

I’m not familiar enough with other options for controllers, but there are plenty out there, and maybe somebody else will chime in.

All I’ll say is that the combination of a keyboard with a separate, dedicated controller works extremely well for me (which is why I don’t use any of the built-in controller functionality in my Nektar keyboard).

I find that having the controller on my desk gives me a very efficient workflow when it comes to arranging/mixing and generally operating Cubase, and having the Nektar keyboard in a slide-out tray under the desk lets me stash it away when I’m not composing. So, yeah, a simple keyboard with a dedicated controller is an option I can endorse!

yes, same here.

I’m hoping to upgrade to 88 keys for my keyboard soon, but not under the desk. Sitting on top of the 88 keys shall be the Mobi One Cubase Custom controller by Cube Audio, ideal substiture for the cc121, much more space around those EQ knobs. Thread here.

I did have the Nektar P6 but moved away from that integration preferring the knobs mapped on the TI, so the Nektar was put to one side. After following the Mobi development for a while it was a must buy for me and now I have 1, the Virus TI will be replaced by a simple 88 key Midi and a rack version of the TI.

I only really need an extra octave over 61 but they don’t exist. My pinkie on left keeps losing it’s bottom layer. Here’s how it is. The Mobi on a laptop stand on chair for now, it does sit nicely where the typing keys are too, depending on what’s getting done.

Oh, that Mobi controller looks gorgeous - love the wood case! I’d miss not having the fast forward/rewind buttons though that I have on my CC121, but maybe I’m missing something?

@Timo00 By default the fast forward buttons on the Mobi One are “next marker/previous marker” however, this is easily changed going into the old Generic Remote or adding the buttons in the new Remote Editor, giving them the Forward Rewind commands in mapping assistant, now Cubase will automatically override the mapping of the old Generic Remote.

I’m very eager for the next update of Cubase to see what new features will be added to the New Remote Editor Mapping Assistant. If not, I may have to learn how to do the API scripting that others keep pointing me to as a must.

Ah, good to know, thanks! If/when my CC121 dies, the Mobi One will be top of mind to be a replacement, so thanks for sharing!

seems like the controller has become more important and used than a keyboard, if th ekeyboard is in the drawer and controller on the desk :slight_smile:
May be it is a matter of workflow but right now i can’t imagine how can be so important, the controller. I see for realtime use, changinf parameter of vst for example, other things can be done with moure…please open this window for me! :slight_smile:
thank you

I definitely use the controller more than the keyboard, since I spend more time arranging and mixing vs. composing/playing on the keyboard. It’s just as easily accessible in that pull-out drawer, so it’s not really and either-or :slight_smile:

The reason I use my CC121 controller so much is that I use it to start/stop playback and navigate around the project (fast forward/rewind/jump between markers) and navigate between channels (previous/next channel selection buttons). I actually prefer to edit [VST] parameters with the mouse/keyboard onscreen - that seems like a more fluid workflow for me, even though the CC121 has knobs to allow you to adjust the channel strip EQ directly.

I guess we all have our unique ways of working!

I am curious to if the CC121 might be a good jumping point for me to edit these scripts I’ve been told about.