Best midi keyboard with Cubase 6.5

Hi, i would like to know if there is a certain 25 key controller keyboard which works best with Cubase 6.5. I have seen the akai 25, novation impulse & nocturne, roland a300 and m audio. Is one better than another regarding all round performance and functionality with cubase? Thanks

Those are all very different keyboards, with different specs. I have the Akai LPK 25, because it’s the smallest, simplest 25-keys that’s easy to use next to my mixing board. Needs no driver (or Automap!), no power - but has no aftertouch. For me it’s mainly a scetching board though, and it’s great as such.

The Novation has many more controls plus aftertouch, the Roland is 32-keys and the M-Audio I don’t know, but my guess is they all should be fine with Cubase.

The Axiom Pro also works nicely with Cubase. The “Hypercontrol” driver allows you to control almost anything from the keyboard such as mixer channel, FX, sends, etc. It is a little bigger and heavier than some of the others, though.
I recommend downloading the manuals for some of the keyboards you are looking at. That is where you can really get into the weeds with the capabilities.

The MPK 25, does have aftertouch though. Pretty confusing those one letter different, productnames :laughing:

Thanks for replies!

Think i am leaning toward the Axion pro 25.

Whatever you buy: go to a shop and try the keyboard. You won’t believe the differences betwen the different brands. I personally like the Roland keys, but that is entitily personal. It is not what “one” can do with it, but what you intend to use it for. For piano 88 keys is not a luxe but a necessity. For most synths 49 is ok as usually there are octave buttons available. For elementary useand chords, 25keys are enough. They also take up less space. The number of keys does not make one a better player, but writing that is kicking in open doors. Neither does the price of the instrument.

Go to a shop with the firm intention not to buy. Look, try, feel, sense. The one that’s right for you will jump out of the pack. Then go get a beer / coffe with documentation to read through. And when it still feels ok, buy.

Good luck!

One more thing to add: some keyboards have the small type keys (like the Akai). For some players with big fingers, that may be a problem. For sketching, the Akai is fine for me, but for playing a real part I have to go to one of my real synths (and for aftertouch anyway).

I use the M-Audio Axiom 61 2nd Generation and it works great!

Ended up with the Akai mpk 25. When and had a play with them and the akai felt good to me and with a little playing around i have the transport bar and pads synced so far. Thank you for everyones replies. Much apppreciated!