Best mix settings for CPU overload!

I am looking for the best case scenario pref settings to get the best possible cpu results with a session full of plugs!!! Suggestions are highly welcomed!! currently spending a good deal of my time freezing and unfreezing!
Macpro 2010 trashcan, 128ram 3.5 mhz 6 core
computer setting suggestions welcomed as well!

Stevie D

At some point you need to commit and bounce down those plugin saturated tracks. Just my opinion, of course. :grin:

You don’t mention any specifics about track types or track counts or plugins used so how is anyone really supposed to give you any suggestions?

I like to create new, clean versions of tracks I’m happy with. Then, I’ll disable the previous version of that track. After making any significant modifications to a project I’ll do a “Back up Project…” (File dropdown) and start a clean project knowing I can always go back and open the old one to retrieve anything, if necessary.

You really need to create a procedure that works and makes sense to you. Everyone’s needs are different. So … care to share any more details?

Sure, usually I have quite a few group channels. For example I will make a group for overheads and toms and rooms all stereo and insert a pro q 3, arouser, a nebula eq like the tim p neve then I will follow thoise with another comp like the magic death eye and finish with soothe! I will have several groups similar to this config! I will also have 5 or six effects tracks with baby audio spaced out or waves h-delay or valhalla verbs followed by an arouser etc! I also duplicate my kick and snare tracks and use UVI drum replacer to be able to trigger stereo rooms from Superior drummer expansions to combine with my real drums! On top of all of this most of my audio tracks are using various comps, eq’s and other tone shaping devises! 25 to 45 audio tracks plus group and FX tracks on average during a mix! I freeze as many as I can but you cant freeze effects and group channels! If i am working in 44 or 48 which I do most of the time it’s less of a headache but 96 is brutal! Any tips including cubase tips including asio settings etc are greatly appreciated! I hope this information helps! all the best bro!

You have yet to mention any audio interface. I’m sure you are aware, however, that raising your buffer size should normally have a positive impact on processing overload - at the expense of higher latency for real time operations, of course.

It sounds like you have a pretty decent amount of activity in your projects. It doesn’t surprise me that you are discovering the limits of your hardware. I really don’t know what you are expecting. If you have too much processing going on for the system to handle, you need to free up some resources.

That’s all I have. I wish I could provide you with a magic solution. Maybe someone else has some suggestions.

For the record, Apogee symphony 1 24I/O thunderbridge and a Prism ada8-xr!!

All good, not expecting any miracles just reaching out in case i missed something!
All the best!

So I will answer my own question!
Just setup a program called audiogridder on another machine and run cpu intensive plugins offline!
Problem solved!!!