Best Mixer to use with Cubase?

I’m trying to figure out which new mixer to get, that would work best with Cubase. Presonus comes with Studio One - don’t want to learn a new DAW. I need to record multitrack 20 inputs, with at least 4 independent headphone mixes. I’ve seen a Mackie Onyx 24, but Cubase only shows 4 possible outputs to the board? Anyone know if Presonus will work well with Cubase? Thanks , . . .

I use the Yamaha TF1 and I love it. You get a fully-featured digital mixer (fader automation and all) with 16 input and 16 output channels, and a 34 channel input/output USB audio interface built in. It’s really nice to have both the mixer and the audio interface well integrated. It’s an incredible deal for the price:

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Thank you - there’s hope.

I use one of these… :smiley:

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Do you need pots and faders? If not, there’s always the Soundcraft Ui24R for 22 inputs, and 8 Aux outs (4 IEMs), apart from the 2 “control room” headphone outs. Relatively cheap for its features. You can return up to 32 channels to the Ui from Cubase. Cue sends being 4 is Cubase’s limitation, but you can always use dedicated outputs to feed the 8 auxes of the UI.

But if you want faders to grab and pots to turn, it’s a no go.

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For pots and faders, there’s also the Soundcraft Signature lineup… That Signature 22MTK looks pretty nice…

(my house is pro-Soundcraft if you couldn’t tell hehe)