Best Mode for Pitch shifting whole mix?


I’m looking for the best way / mode to pitch shift an entire mix up one semitone. Its a classical orchestral recording, if that helps, but it does have some big taiko drums as well. I’ve gone into the sample editor and applied the “pitch shift” process using the MPEX - Poly Musical Formant w/ time correction (as I do not want to change the time). Is this my best bet, or is there something else a “power user” might recommend I try?


Assuming we’re talking about a multitrack audio project here…
open the pool window and look for the algorithm column… you can select various types of time stretch here… i usually start with the elastique formant types first… go back to the project window and click on the file/s you wish to pitch up… i usually do this one file at a time and listen to the results soloed as some work better than others, by altering the pitch in the info-line display… once i’m happy with the results i just bounce the tracks in place and i’m done…
Probably many other ways of doing it but i find it works really well… most of the time!

Phase is a problem when pitching multitracks. The better idea is maybe to pitch the stereo mix. In this regard Wavelab’s pitching algos gave me the best results but pitching in Cubase might be sufficient as well.

If that alters the taiko pitch too much you could try UAD Precision Enhancer Hz or some weird multiband + EQing tricks to fake a lower pitch back in.

When vocal material is processed, the developers recommend that you select the Formant Mode