Best mouse for Dorico?


I was wondering what mouse would you pro users recommend for working with Dorico. Any price but easy to program on Mac Mojave. I dislike my Apple mouse!

I do have Wacom Intuos Pro and Logitech M500. But the former not very useful and I want something better than the latter to try.

I love love LOVE the Ergo MX. Some people don’t like trackballs, but I acclimated quickly, and now I love it. Did I mention I love it?


I love my son TBH! :upside_down_face:

But I seems Ergo MX better than M500 mouse ( also price!). Now sure how to use the trackball. It seems you can move the mouse pointer any any direction and not just horizontal and vertical!

I’m a big fan of the Evoluent mice. They take few minutes to get used to but are really comfortable.

I’ve got Logitech M570, which is the earlier (and cheaper!) version of the Ergo MX and I love it. The best thing about it is that no one else in the family touches my machine because they can’t work it out. It takes about an hour to get comfortable with it and then you don’t look back.


FWIW I am very happy with the Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse, which only needs charging about every 2 months. I couple that with their K750 wireless keyboard, which runs on solar power. Finally, it seems, Logitech have sorted out he driver/software problems they used to have.

I have the mouse sensitivity set so high that it turns out that no one else can control it!

I was not paid to write the above!


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Since I started using the Apple Magic TrackPad, I never want to use a mouse again!


I use an apple Magic Trackpad, a Logitech rollerball, and a right handed vertical mouse, I love them all. The Logitech’s are programmable, but the trackpads are so useful and intuitive, especially for things like zooming.

The Magic Trackpad plus Better Touch Tool are a great combination.


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Apple Magic TrackPad in combination with BetterTouchTool

For ergonomy, I think it is good to have some variation. I work with the touch pad of the laptop, sometimes with a wireless plain mouse, but in my studio I use a Rollermouse which I like a lot:

It really has many advantages.

I have a Wacom pen tablet! It can function with Touch ( w.o. pen). Do you think it offers the same functionalities as Apple TrackPad?

By the way, there is a guy who produce promo videos for Steinberg, he told me he uses Wacom tablet and he loves it!

isn’t BetterTouchTool for MacBook? I use iMac and have old MBP use it only when I travel!

Never heard of this! But it looks really cool.

BetterTouchTool is an APP that you can download.
It offers advanced programming of the (multi)gestures of the TrackPad (but also of the build-in trackpad)

For example:
I programmed that swiping three fingers up puts me in Write mode; three fingers swipe down puts me in Engrave mode.
Three fingers tap shows or removes the panels ; 4 fingers tap shows/ hides full screen mode etc.

Good Luck !

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Thank you all. What about Kensington mice with a trackball, in particular: Fusion® vs slimblade®?

Been programming on computers 8+ hrs/day for 30+ years and have had many ergo issues, so have studied this deeply. Input devices have had a slow and tortuous journey over the years.

It depends on you and the application. I’ll list what I’ve found to be the best, across the work I do in programming, 3D modeling and composing/producing.

Trackball: X-Keys Trackball (used to be Superior Computer Products trackball until he retired and sold to X-keys)

Logitech tries hard but IMHO does not make the best trackball. You really see what’s what in 3D work. The large X-keys ball is easier, more precise, better on your hands and the buttons and scroll are truly mechanical.

Mouse: These have been perfected, I like Razer (any variety depending on the switches you want)

Trackpad: Apple Magic Trackpad II

If you are on mac don’t bother with anything else. For music this is all I use and the most ergonomic for the motions you use here, such as moving around a score (pinch, swipe, etc).

PC’s have never figured out a decent trackpad.

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Very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

I use dorico to orchestrate and compose my own music. I do a lot of copy-pasting, octave up/down, and diatonic transposition. From time to time I work on engraving project. Using mouse M500 ( which is pretty cheap) I can do scroll slow and fast up/down and left/right. Fast with holding down the shift.

I am not sure how the Apple Magic Trackpad II is going to help me with the things I mentioned above and maybe more. I don’t so much pinch.

I have already Wacom Intus pro small that support mutlitouch gusture

PS. When I work with Cubase and samples, that is different stories and I need more precise movements.

Those operations are faster, more accurate and natural with the Apple trackpad than a mouse or trackball IMO.

I have the “expert mouse” stationary trackball and love it. You don’t need a hybrid mouse; once you’re used tot he track ball you won’t feel the need to move your hand around. TBs are also great for cramped desk conditions.