Best none UAD io for cubase?

If I stick with Cubase, I’m thinking of selling my UAD hardware as it’s not vst 3. And may never Be. It’s all the lastest and have many plugs with it , so should get good money. , was thinking about putting together lunch box with 8 cool mic pres. and found this io ## Ferrofish Pulse16 MX, which seems good value. I guess I need two of them .

My question is, is there a better one out there for the money, should I consider the Steinberg io

Yes. DAD AX32, Lynx Aurora(-n), Metric Halo ULN-8 or LIO-8. To name a few.

I am pretty sure the UAD plugins will be VST3, they can’t really afford not to. It’s just a question of when, not if.

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Would like thunderbolt really found this

And they have indicated that the UAD plug-ins will be VST3 by the time that Apple abandon Rosetta 2.

running in Rosetta , isn’t great I found everything so much smoother in Native !

Understood, I was simply reporting what UAD have indicated. Unfortunately they haven’t given a more useful indication of the timeline.

Don’t be too sure. There are some serious complaints about VST3 licensing.

I think anything thunderbolt is good for performance. However it comes with a cost.
And it seems to still be a huge problem with getting components for them. RME have discontinued all their thunderbolt. PCIe is “maybe next year”. It seems to be similar with MOTU with a few month wait for everything except their smallest. It is not good times for buying sound cards at the moment!

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what that about ?

It’s funny because for 10 years I’ve been on AU , and before that Digi-Now Avid which is TDM RTAS etc… I haven’t ever really used VST in my 35 + Year career :slight_smile: . Until Cubase 12 last week , I have a lot to learn and know very little about it …

I know about two different complaints.
IBM (RedHat/Fedora) have stopped VST due to that it is under GPLv2 but has restriction that is not compliant with GPLv2. But for UA I think the problem is that when you get a VST3 license, you need to give up your VST2 license. You then not release new products as VST2 format.

UA also have their own DAW called Luna that does not support any VST. On OSX most DAW’s have support for Apples plugin format so they wont lose that much.