Best Orchestra Library for Dorico

What is the best orchestral sample library for Dorico playback? Producing professional mockups is important to me,

(I was disappointed with NotePerformer, although it’s good for writing. The Berlin libraries I use with StaffPad are great, but I need the scoring power of Dorico sometimes.)

MS Surface Studio, 32GB, 2TB SSD, i7
Dorico 4.3.20

Thanks, --Konrad

That seems to be each user’s subjective choice.

It looks as though NotePerformer 4 with the Berlin playback engine has been created for you… :person_shrugging:

Cool. Just looking for suggestions that integrate well. I’m too new to Dorico to know how difficult it is to pull in other libraries.

There seems to be a Dorico template for Spitfire’s BBC Orchestra. The library is marked down to under $600. Not cheap, but reasonable for this quality, and they will break it up into payments, if desired.

Alternatives are the VSL Special Editions, or the Native Instruments Symphony Series, or even their new Factory Library for Kontakt 7, which I believe uses Orchestral Tools’ material. Also there’s EastWest, and I dare say others too.

I’m not sure the StaffPad versions of the Berlin engine are the same as those for non-iPad playback, right?

I’ve been very happy with VSL Synchrin Prime. Great sounds, easy on resources ( I use a laptop with 32gb RAM), and has a Dorico playback template. And, NP4 supports their library.

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Thank you. I have VSL on my rack-mount studio machine and I love it. I just wasn’t sure about integrating with Dorico, so this is very helpful.

That’s correct. StaffPad has simplified bespoke versions of Berlin, Spitfire, and CineSamples available as in-app purchases. They’re really good for the price ($89 for strings, $89 for woodwinds, $89 for brass). The pianos are not very good, though–swimming in hall reverb. I use the freebie piano.

Thank you. Since I have a long history with VSL, I may go that route.

esp. as Synchron Prime is available with NotePerformer 4 and, unlike some of the other options, seems to be modest in terms of system resource requirements.

Another good option -a bit more sophisticated than VSL Prime is Cinematic Studio which is probably my current favourite (more or less as the percussion is still missing) all-in-one.

Just be sure you have at least 32g of RAM and very fast processor(s).- even for CORE.:wink:

Thanks for the help.

My laptop is is an i7 3.3 Ghz with 32GB memory and a 2 TB SSD. I’m hoping that will work. I had to upgrade my rack-mount PC years ago to run orch libraries. Spinning drives won’t cut it.

Synchron Prime (or the more expensive Synchron and or Synchronized section-by-section. libraries) as well as BBCSO Core or Pro work very well with Dorico. A key issues is that all these offer a full template with a expression maps which is a huge timesaver.

What I have not tried is the new Orchestral Tools Orchestra developed with Berklee which uses the Sine Player. It is a bit like the Synchron Prime Orchestra but has some additional solo brass instruments. I don’t have this library but I do not recall seeing any free templates or expression map for it. So you have to buy the ones for Cubase from Babylon Waves or spent a lot of time making them yourself.

Thanks, everyone. I found out that since I have the older VSL Special Editions installed on my rack-mount studio machine, I can buy the SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions at a large discount for my laptop I used to compose and score, and VSL assures me they have a Dorico map for these.

That’s the great news. The slightly bad news is that now I have to download the libraries, set up the iLok (which I had to buy), figure out the expression map, and figure out the new Synchron Player. :slight_smile: Still, since I am very familiar with VSL and really like it, I hope this will work out well.

I appreciate all the great advice.

I have some follow on questions in mind, but I will hold those until I see how this all works out.