Best pc workstation for cubase

We see that Intel Hybrid Gen 12, and Gen 13 processors have issues with E Cores. Can someone chime in with what might be the most compatible system overall from yesteryear’s system? Key veriables would be Chipset and Processor and to a lesser degree, brand and OS (Win10 vs Win11). .

Memory amounts, graphics cards, and drive speeds are all very selective and open so in acquiring a new system, the two, chipset and processor.

Thank you!

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The way i’m struggling with dpc latency on mine, maybe you should get an Apple computer.

AMD wound up being my preference. Rock solid for months now once I got the GPU sorted (Don’t overlook the impact of the GPU on Cubase performance).

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I’m using a Threadripper Pro 5975WX and WRX80E motherboard. Works great!

However, the particular motherboard I got (Supermicro) has a super whiny chipset fan that cannot be replaced (it’s a specially designed part for this motherboard) and it takes over a minute to boot through the BIOS screen, so I’d recommend trying some other brand.

That being said, if you only do music on the workstation, and especially if you do recording in the same room, silence has to be the top priority! Almost any modern CPU is “good enough” for almost any modern recording setup, unless you’re “ALL THE PLUGINS AND ALL THE PRESETS” and hate bouncing to disk.

You could also try some music-focused systems builder, like a Rok Box CR Z or something.

“SMT” on or off?

I would go with a AMD Ryzen 7 7700. It’s a beast. Runs quite and cool (typical TDP is 65watts) Runs on socket AM5. Must use DDR5 RAM. Check out it’s benchmarks on “Passmark”

About to build a super power house, z790, 13900k, 64g DDR5, 4 m2 pci e 4, water cooled, will update, recently reformatted and re installed win10 on my current machine 7 year old generation and not a single crash since, but I hit a wall when I get into large projects. Will update.