Best place to installing Cubase 6.5! x86 or 32bit folder!!!

Hi were is the best place to installing Cubase 6.5!

I have a windows 7 64bit and was wondering were is best to install, program files x86 or 32bit folder!!!

I have 3rd party 32bit vst’s that i what to install, and when I do they what to install in the x86 folder does it make a differance?

I want a stable setup so thats why I want to no the best way to install?

What do you think I should do?

“program files x86” is the 32bit program folder & “program” is the 64bit program folder

sorry my bad, x86 is 32bit & Programe files is the 64bit! ok got it!

but what is the best way to install vst’s with cubase? I mean has anyone had problems installing 32bit vst’s with cubase 6.5 64bit?

I’m going from Cubase 4 to 6.5 in a new PC and just want to install all once correctly!

I’m also trying to get all my presets over to the new PC, do you no how to do that? I cant find them!

thats one thing I think Cubase doesnt make easy for you!

I assume you wanna use Cubase x64 so very easy :
install your x86 plugin in : program files x86/steinberg/vstplugins
& your x64 in : program/steinberg/vstplugins
point cubase to see your vstplugins folders in “plugin info”
your vst3 presets must be : "user / documents / vst preset / rescan your mediabay et voila

Home Studio 87 is correct; if running 64-bit Cubase, you can just update Cubase’s VST 2.4 plugin paths to look in both Program Files (x86) and Program Files- Cubase appears to be smart enough to use the 64-bit version if both 32-bit and 64-bit are found in the search paths.

Please just keep in mind that not all 32-bit plugins will work properly on 64-bit Cubase without some 3rd-party help (some folks use jbridge to make 32-bit plugins work better on 64-bit DAWs).

It’s also worth noting that you can have both 32-bit Cubase (in Program Files (x86)) and 64-bit Cubase (in Program Files) installed on the same system and can switch between them freely. The 32-bit version works just fine on 64-bit Windows, and should be perfectly adequate for most users unless you’re dealing with very large projects or huge amounts of samples/audio.

I have enough 32-bit-only plugins that don’t work right under Cubase 64-bit that I use 32-bit exclusively, and have not yet needed to experiment with jbridge.

Thanks! Good info bud!

Thanks easy to understand! thanks you guys helped me out!