Best Plug-Ins/Inserts For Cubase Elements

Hi, I have used Cubase a few years now and recently purchased Elelments 7. However, I noticed a few of my go-to inserts are not included in this version (studio EQ especially!).

Can anyone recommend some good plug-ins/inserts? I like to work with Reverb, EQ’s & Guitar Amps.

Sorry if my terminology is off, I never really learnt it all correctly. Or Cubase correctly for that matter.

Appreciate any help,


IK Multimedia T-Racks
Izotopes Nectar 2 is a great channel strip.
Fabfilter Pro Q is a great EQ.
Soundtoys has a great spread of sparkle fx.

Check out ValhallaDSP for some great inexpensive reverbs.

The standard EQ is pretty good - also buy a copy of Computer Music Magazine - some of the freebee channel strips they give away are actually very good, there also a basic guitar amp sim included in their plugs and a decent spectrum analyser:

I swear by Toraverb a cheap and extremely polished sounding reverb. As mentioned Vallhala is excellent but I prefered the sound of Toraverb. I do have some high-end reverbs but still go back to Toraverb 90% of the time.