Best Practice // Extended View


Would be great if you could point to some best practices re the following topic:

I want to extend the TextEdit-view with the simple functionality that I can use the arrow-keys of my keyboard to step through a given value-range, and the shift-key should increase the granularity. I use the new WYSIWYG-editor.

How should I proceed? Inherit from the CTextEdit-class? Write a new component? Is there even a way I don’t see, yet?

Thanks for your help!

Or should I just create a Sub-Controller? So many options on the table :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a hint how to implement the sub-controller approach? I’ve found the description in the sdk-manual…but this is not concrete enough for me

I think you have to create two things. First a subclass of CTextEdit where you need to override the onKeyDown method and inform the second thing you create namely a sub-controller which can create your custom CTextEdit class and control what should happen if a key down happens.


Thanks Arne!

In the end, I created a separate view. :slight_smile: