Best Practice For Exporting Tracks

I have a project that I believe is corrupted. What is the best way to export all my recorded tracks so I can import them properly alligned in a new project? Many of my tracks are spliced and some have Vari Audio applied.
Any help is appreciated.

Export-> selected tracks


File-> Export-> selected tracks

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I just discovered this trick for a corrupted project that may or may not work for you. I was at a loss as backing up a project ported over the same problems to the backup project. Here’s what I did and I’m curious to see if it works for anyone else.

Save the corrupted project as a template.
Create a new project in the same folder that original project was in as it will reference the audio files in that folder. Choose the saved template from the PROJECT ASSISTANT under the MORE heading.
Check that the files are there and save as your song name in the original folder. ( I suppose saving it at song 2.cpr would be wise until you know it works)
You probably want to delete the template as it only makes sense for that one project.

It worked for me.

+1 what Jeff said. Ah, but I think thinkingcap said the same thing. :sunglasses:

Yes, he did.

Nice hint, will have to try and remember this if I ever encounter a corrupted project.

Yes, he did. Jeff was just being cute. :stuck_out_tongue: