Best processor and motherboard configurations for large orchestral prohects

Hey guys looking for some help here. I am currently running an intel i9 i9 9900X on an older asus motherboard with 128g ram with windows 10 and cubase 12 pro. Im am in the process on upgrading my computer. I compose orchestral music and using a lot of virtual instruments and plug in. This current system is not cutting it. Use to be able have 30 plus instances of kontakt. But ever since upgrading to kontakt 7 i have been having issues. I have implemented a bunch of fixes but i am just ready to upgrading my system.
Im looking for a processor, preferably intel, where i can run a decent size orchestral template with virtual instruments and plugins. I am aware of the problems with 12th and 13th gen intel with windows 10 and cubase 12 pro. I dont really think they have worked out all the bugs yet. I am willing to upgrade to windows 11 and cubase 13 pro. I dont know if i should look at AMD for a cpu.
Steinberg will not make any recommendations and its seems everything out there as far as info is video game based.
Just need some help picking the right processor that can handle the load without having to spend the money on having a slave computer and using VE pro. Also choosing the right motherboard.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Search for a company building DAW computers. They know, what they are doing with every single PC component.

the problem is that yes you have a lot of ram
but it is not balanced with respect to the processor

If you compare the number of polyphony channels
with the DawBench VI Kontakt 2021 and 2021 tests

and you also compare with PassMark Software your processor is already 2 times less powerful than a 5950x or a 12900k

I have a 5950x with 128gb of ram
All my banks are on Nvme SSDs
You just have to find the balance for a good config

In addition, Kontakt 7 is much more optimized with the possibility of purging all instances

Thank you guys for the info i appreciate it.
Sorry i dont know alot when it comes to things like that, i know some stuff.
So if i use an i9 14900k with DDR 5 64g or 128 and upgrade to windows 11 and cubase 13 pro i should be good than?
Side question- my windows 10 and cubase pro 12 are on a m.2 drive but its not large its only 512g i plan on clonning it to a larger m.2 probably a 1tb. Should i upgrade my software first before i clone it or it doesnt matter?

If you plan to use an orchestral model with a lot of virtual instruments, it is better to stay on 128 GB

even if it means taking a slightly less powerful processor

You realize that the latest processors reach 7000 or 8000 voices of polyphony with the 2022 test it’s huge

As for the disk, it is better to separate Windows from Cubase sessions.
Maybe keep the 512g for windows
and the future 1to for cubase sessions

and Windows 11 works great.

As for Cubase 13, I have only used the trial version for the moment but I plan to switch to it quickly even if Cubase 12 in version 12.00.70 works very well

I have an Intel I9-13900k.
You have to be carefull with the memory you choose.
The cpu can handle a max Mhz, but you can tweak that.
I had my memory on 7600Mhz, for Windows no problem,
but for Steinberg programms I had to go back to 6000Mhz.
With 6000Mhz Windows memory diagnostic, extended test, gave no erroors.

Cubase sessions are on a 7200 drive the actual cubase software is on the m.2 drive with windows so i should actually seperate the software windows and cubase on 2 seperate drives and keep the sessions files where i have them?

there’s zero point in having spinning metal drives now except for backup. If you’re going down the 14900 intel route then just buy a bunch of M2 drives and use 1 for your OS, 1 for your Cubase projects and 1 for your sample libs.


Agree with Norbury, 3 m2 drives, but fast ones.

Ok got it…my sample libraries are on regular ssd samsung evos i have 3 of those…any recommendations on m.2 drives.
Also need recommendations on motherboards…been reading bad stuff about asus and was looking at msi.
Processors are really confusing cause sometimes an i7 can be better than i9s working with orchestral stuff

I have my sessions on 2 3TB 7200trs disks in Raid 0 and all my backups on other SSD disks and other
Depending on the budget it is better to reserve the M2 especially for banks even more for an orchestral template

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Being far from compuer expert BUT having recently gone from 9900K system with ssd drives to a 14700k one with M2 drives the Cubase 13 with windows 11 performance has incresed by about 3 times all round in all aspects except min workable latency which only halved.
For what its worth that is the practical findings here.


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Thanks guys for the info i appreciate it…its going to be a tough choice with processors since this is the last of the LGA 1700 socket variations. I may go to AMD so i have an upgradable future