Best Push like controller for Cubase 9?

Hi all,

Currently I use Ableton 9 Live with Ableton Push 2 controller and Moog Sub 37 which is great for live performances, jam sessions and creating sound effects. However, I want to use Cubase for longer composition type work and looking for a good controller similar in function to the Ableton Push 2. What would you guys recommend?

I looked at Maschine and Novation Circuit since they are compatible with both Cubase and Ableton but want your thoughts and inputs and recommendations.

Help us out a little bit. The Push is this big matrix of square buttons right?
What exactly would you like to control with it in Cubase?
If you want push buttons just for midi note input then there are plenty on the market as you noticed.
I don’t know about budget and how exactly you want to use it, but I always thought the Linnstrument looked really cool:


Sorry for the confusion. I use the Ableton Push 2 with Ableton Live 9 only right now on Macbook.

For Cubase 9, I am planning to use on a PC Windows 10 with Kontrol S49 MIDI keyboard which I bought with Komplete 11 Ultimate suite. I don’t think the Ableton Push 2 works with Cubase but I could be wrong.

What are your thoughts on the CC121 hardware controller from Steinberg with Cubase? Is this a good controller and is it worth the purchase? I think something like this would work well along with a touchscreen monitor for Cubase.

I really like my CC121. It’s got very fixed functionality though, so it’s nothing like the push.
Touchscreen support for Cubase is not the greatest, check this topic for some ideas of what you could do:

Thanks Strophoid!

Yeah, at this point, I just bought Cubase 9 Pro so waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I think that the NI Kontrol S49 keyboard also has mappings to help workflow in Cubase from what I read. I will hold off buying a touch monitor for now and get the CC121 for Cubase. I do like a dedicated controller for the DAW I spend lot of time in to reduce mouse and keyboard clicks.

Just heard back from Roger Linn who is the creator of the cool Linnstrument and he mentioned that Cubase works fine with it but Ableton not so much. I think my next hardware gear will be the CC121 for Cubase since I already have the Push for Ableton.