Best quality setting for musical mode, changing speed

I want to changing the speed of a project with a handful of audio stem tracks.
Drums, bass, synths.

Using musical mode and then changing the project bpm works, but it also seems to change the quality, transients and phase a little bit.
Making the overall sound quality a tiny bit worse, sometimes it’s noticeable.
Any workarounds for this?
Or which setting would be best to use: Elastique pro time, or Elastique formant time?
They seem to sound pretty identical to me, but my ears are not so good anymore and I got tinnitus
Thank you

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It is really up to you and your ears which algorithm you deem to be the best fit.

I’m asking, to be more sure I’m using the best one
And as I said: My ears are not so good anymore and I got tinnitus

There is no general rule other than use your ears. Sorry. If your ears are good enough to hear issues when using time stretch they will be good enough to hear the differences of the algorithms.

Old and tinnitus? Welcome to the club.

I’m not looking for a rule. I decide for my music
I’m asking what people think is best, workarounds and/or maybe when to use which algorithm and what each does
Technical answers

I don’t think you are going to get a satisifying answer, because as @Johnny_Moneto has pointed out there is no best, they are just different. It’s like if I asked you which color was best, there isn’t a correct answer.

It’s also going to be dependent on the actual Audio you are manipulating. The manual describes what each algorithm is optimized for, which is a good starting point. But beyond that the best choice is always going to be situational.