Best/Right way to change the triplets into sextriplets

Hi All, I created a score like this, but now I want to change the notation to make every two triplets into a single sextriplet (no change to actual duration/tempo). I tried to select the first six notes and typed in tuplets popover with “6:4x”, but it won’t change at all. Am I doing it wrongly or is there a correct way to change all these triplet pairs into sextuplet? Thanks a million! (Then I don’t need to re-type all those notes, there are quite a few!)

Your best bet is to turn on insert mode, remove the tuplets, select the groups of 6, and add the tuplets you want. Should work.


Tried to follow your tips and it works. Thank you Dan!


I also got the same precise answer from Marc at FB group. Really appreciate all the fellow Doricians for the great support in this community. And I’ll avoid posting same questions at two sides in the future.

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You can post twice. Make sure you send links to the other post in your question, that’s all. :wink:

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Dan, I’m not at the computer at the moment, but is it possible to select just the first manually input sextuplet bracket and hit “repeat” repeatedly? :wink:


Yes of course!

Good to know, in case I ever run into that situation… :wink:


How do you mean “remove the triplets”? When I highlight two groups of triplets and remove the triplet sign, it removes notes as well. You do not end up with the six original notes.

Make sure only the tuplet signs (number/bracket/signpost) are selected (orange). Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to use the filter (right-click>Filter>tuplets)